Stung once more

6.5 mi What a surprise, I finished 6.5 of 7 miles and left limping.  I arrived alone, ran a mile in the parking lot and felt nothing adverse. Then I ran bridge lap #1 alone, too. I encountered a loudmouth drunk coming down the hill, so when I saw Adrienne and Lisa Reiss staring, I told them to run with me. We saw the guy at the top of the hill, he faked as if he was going to run with us, then petered out just mumbling things.  Adrienne and another runner continued at a faster pace, I ran slow with Lisa for the remainder of my laps. She told me about her first tri experience over the weekend, at Singer Island. I asked a good number of questions and shared my ideas for her training.  All this time, my leg is feeling perfect, no soreness or tightening up. On the final climb, I noticed my ankle feeling warm.  I don’t have an ankle injury, I couldn’t figure what it was.  About ten steps further, my left calf tightened and I couldn’t go any further. I had to hobble up and over the bridge to get back to my car.  Thanks to Lisa for staying with me and offering to drive her car up over the hill and drive me back to the start point.  Now I have to treat this as a new injury and have it treated as such.  More time off my feet…

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