No kicks after therapy

2000 yards.  I tried the swim fins with yesterday’s workout – it led me to have weird cramps in my toes and calf muscles. Today, thankfully, no kicking was prescribed.  Just a few mixed sets of regular freestyle. It was warm and uncrowded today, wait ’til next week when all the schools are out and the summer camps fill the pool!

Warmup Set (400y)

5 x 75 [25 drill/50 swim] @ 0:15 rest
25 non-free

Main Set (1300y)
3 x 400 [125 moderate @ 0:05 rest, 2 x 75 build moderate to hard @ 0:05 rest, 5 x 25 fast @ 0:05 rest] @ 8:30
100 choice

Warmdown Set (300y)
2 x 150 easy-mod @ 3:20


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