Speed chilled

I do NOT get many opportunities to run the exact same pace for a whole workout with others. Usually, like with most runners, some are faster, some are behind, and that’s how the workout occurs.

Janet, Lilia, and April are all engaged in training for the Boston Marathon at a goal pace of 3:05. Janet and Lilia are on the Hanson’s Marathon Method of training as am I. So today’s run in 48-degree weather was 5 x 1000m intervals at 20 secs less than marathon pace. With a mile and a half warm up and cool down.

I wore a lululemon short sleeve shirt, a Palm Beach Marathon long sleeve shirt, gloves, and a skull cap. For the warmup and cool down, I wore a windbreaker jacket. The wind was coming from the NE so heading that way was colder on the skin.

The workout went fine. I didn’t keep track of the distance or anything, the other girls would be my guide for how fast and how far. I’d just run. That’s a good way for me, I can tell when it’s too fast or the pace is dropping. We finished the 5 intervals, 3 into the breeze, and it felt good.

These are the basics of this training system. 3 workouts a week that feel like work but aren’t killing you. 3 workouts easy or medium. And one day off on Wednesdays. When Wednesday comes, I am not aching for a rest but I see the value in allowing this 20-week process to develop as designed. The A1A Marathon in just under 3 weeks will be the half way point. Time to check in and see how it’s going on a course I know well…