Palm Beach Marathon 2018

Pacing for the 3:50 group this year... Year #14 of the race out of 15 previous years with #13 skipped due to change in ownership. I set up and worked at the Expo on Friday. It was small, but in a great location – right in the pavilion next to the start and finish line … Continue reading Palm Beach Marathon 2018


Space Coast Half Marathon 2018

I arrived mid-afternoon and went directly to the Expo for my one hour shift. Since the race this year was now two half marathons plus a full marathon, there were many more people in the Expo and in the surrounding parking lots. Crowded!  I found my pacing shirt and stick easily, and began to speak … Continue reading Space Coast Half Marathon 2018

New England Green River Marathon

26.2 miles. A fly-away race. A chance to qualify to register for next year's Boston Marathon, on a new course, in a first-year event. The race began in Marlboro, Vermont at a small college, and finished in Massachusetts at another small community college. The day before, Maureen and I drove to the beginning point of … Continue reading New England Green River Marathon