Defend Against the Stupid

Tapering as a part a scheduled running plan allows a trained athlete to rest for an upcoming event. All of the hard workouts have been completed, this time is purposely built into the schedule with low mileage and non-challenging runs. As an event approaches, the routine of: run, run, run switches to: rest, heal, and … Continue reading Defend Against the Stupid

Half Stunned

13.1 mi. I am 9 miles into this, it's very humid, and the sun is creasing the top of the homes I've been hiding behind. There are three people ahead of me, and two water stops left. This, however, is not what's top of mind. "How am I still in the hunt for an overall … Continue reading Half Stunned

2017 Space Coast Half Marathon

We had great weather conditions for this event, we had 60 degrees at the start and 63 degrees at the finish line two hours later. The team dinner was good reconnecting with the group that comes to this race each year. Only Miami Marathon has more pacer people! My morning started early as I woke … Continue reading 2017 Space Coast Half Marathon