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More on the intervals

5mi. Today I used a different approach. If my challenge is breathing, I worked harder on the intervals and didn’t jog all of the 100m recoveries. I wanted to spend the energy on the track while the time was elapsing.

It worked out ok, no tremendous breakthroughs. I ran behind James and Steve. Seth was running but had a knee popping issue. My best 400m was 1:17

1 mile warmup jog

300m w/100m recovery
400m w/100m recovery
300m w/100m recovery
600m w/200m recovery
400m w/100m recovery
300m w/100m recovery
400m w/100m recovery
800m w/200m recovery
400m w/100m recovery

1 mile cooldown jog

It began raining when we finished. Maybe this is the beginning of cooler weather finally? I do believe that the hard work spent during the hot months will pay dividends once it cools off.


Long run with the Chicago folks

16 mi. Tom and Janet’s second 16-mile run tops out their Hansons-Brooks method schedule for the Chicago marathon prep. We did the last one together, followed by a breakfast at Maureen’s house. This time, we will have Mary Monks running some of the miles with us. And breakfast is at Toojay’s.

We started a little later than the 5:15 am meet up time, Janet and Tom brought everything for this one. Tom had a scale to weigh in pre and post run to track his fluid loss and consumption.

This time Tom, Janet, and Maureen had better plans to fuel during the run. Salt pills and things to eat before running made their 16 miles considerably better than last time. I had a salt pill at every 4th mile and some ProBar chewy blocks at miles 5 and 10. I put tri quick change laces in the New Balance Zante shoes after yesterday’s 10-mile run, they are better but still were too tight on my left foot. We had a small breeze from the north which was good. I think today’s start temp and humidity was better than yesterday’s run on the same route.

The road still has sand and storm junk on it, so stepping around or over things is necessary. I felt good after this one. My groin area is tight after today’s run, I should stretch that in a more focused manner. Tom and Janet gained a bunch of confidence for their race, which I will be witnessing from the sidelines.

The breakfast was very good, plenty of delicious food, just what I needed!


Before sunrise

5mi. A warm and sticky day with a “sometimes” breeze from the east. About 12 people on the track, I followed Seth and a high school runner on most intervals. Probably less effort than last week, I wasn’t going to catch Seth but I wasn’t in danger of being chased down, either. I forgot my watch, but so did Paul, so it was an unwitnessed sin.

1 mi warmup jog

400m w/200m recovery
500m w/200m recovery
500m w/200m recovery
600m w/200m recovery
400m w/200m recovery
500m w/200m recovery
500m w/200m recovery
400m w/200m recovery

1 mi cooldown jog

First timer

7mi. I arrived alone, and my first two over the bridge laps were solo. Lanae came and ran with me for the thrid lap, then I did the 6 sprints that I cheesed-out on doing last week.

It was my first time trying to land “underfoot” on a hill since having my runner’s eval. I might have done a little better, concentrating on taking shorter steps and being pulled forward from the hips is what I’m after. At least in my head.

I ran the last three sprints, with Keith, he was way ahead of me on his first dash, I was closer on the next two. Felt good, I was happy to have it done before the familiar “dawn’s early light.”

The first? That would be the shower experience. I waited for about 5 minutes as a homeless man completely showered, shaved, brushed his teeth, and went through too many steps to clean himself with a small washcloth or sock. I am fortunate I’m not in that situation, it was a time to think and be thankful for what I do have.

An honest one

8mi.  First time in a long time I run the bridge the whole way. That’s a mile of warmup, a mile of cooldown, and six miles of hills. It’s cool out today, I run a few laps alone and a few with John Reback, before he peels off and does faster repeats with Matt K. I feel good about finally staying long enough to do everything, part of the shorter runs has been that the girls (Jen Q & Jen K get here and don’t have time for warmups, or they only do 1/2 miles warmup and cooldown. I can relax once I’m done with the workout, that’s a good thing!

Bridge runnah

20131119-061739.jpg8mi. Today I was first to the lot, first to run, and first to encounter the high or drunk homeless guy at the water fountain and bathroom. He asked me if I knew what time it was, when I said (and showed him) I didn’t have a watch, he started to yell at me that,”I’d better have one next time, do you hear me?” That was enough for me – I saw  Lilia coming around the Harbormaster’s building, so I ran by her to make sure she didn’t drift over by this wacko. We ran away from him towards the cars and started the bridge laps. Lilia ran two with me, then joined Kylan and Lanae. I went solo for the remaining four laps and felt very good. A breeze from the west made one way better, but even the other direction was cooler than previous weeks. I had a good frame of mind and positive thoughts. Once others came I warned them it was one of thos e rare days when we had to make sure no one we care about got tangled up with the drunk guy. I finished solo and felt like I pushed a good pace today.

This run is very indicative of what anyone’s last 6 miles of a marathon is like. Tough on lungs and legs, demanding concentration and a clear head that can see the goal as larger than the obstacles.

Light the way

Sunrise and the early runs - Dave Masterson7.5mi. It’s changing seasons to summer and longer days. Which means when I finish running, I get the beginnings of a sunrise and once I’m home, I see good views across the lake in my neighborhood. I ran the whole time with Joe, who arrived when I did and stayed with me to talk even as I skipped out of line after mile 34 to visit the bathroom. This “detour” had me only run one cool down lap instead  of two. Only a few other runners came today, no girls on the sidewalk, Gary, John, Paul,a nd two other guys. Once the summer breaks and school is out, I bet more people will show up to practice hills, even though marathon seasonis off. The Singer Island Triathlon is June 22, so I’m guessing people will start showing up to practice the hill maybe two weeks before that event. I like the brief period when the sun shines as I get home. A good start to a Tuesday, I look forward to an even more relaxed pace of scheduling once school is out…

13 is the number


View of sunrise from Loggerhead Park restrooms.

9.5 miles. I met Lanae to do one of Sharon’s emailed workouts. It called for speed in 1 minute bursts… 3-4 miles of warm up  which we did in the dark. We stopped at the bunker bathroom and the Carlin Park West bathroom  then began 13 – 1 minute sprints followed by 2:00 rests. Our route went along A1A, to Circle K, up to the pier, and back down through A1A like a Saturday run, finishing with a cool down that ended at Loggerhead park. I felt better on the latter intervals, keeping as best form as I could. Lanae said I was going faster but I think I was just not slowing down through the 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 & 13th interval. I can see how this training would help! I am ok with changing up the nature of my run schedule to have better results. Let’s see!

Where things need to be

11mi. I had asked Lanae if she was interested in running the day after Christmas, being I had not done a morning run or ride on the 25th. She said she was doing a hill repeat workout with Sharon at 7:30am and I was welcome to join. Great. I didn’t run the usual bridge workout yesterday, this would be like sleeping late, then running the bridge. Perfect!

20121229-080733.jpgI arrived first, but Lanae and Sharon were close behind. We began with a 2 mile run around Singer Island. This went east on Blue Heron Blvd, to Lake Ave, past Sharon’s house and Sailfish Marina, to a path along the water. It was sunny and humid, temps at 71 when we started. We ran to the Ocean Mall then back to the bridge. Now we began hill repeats. – intervals of 1:30 at a good clip. This was challenging, because regardless of where the girls were, really I was running against my own limits, speed, legs and lungs. The 1:30 time saw me get right short of the top, to a pole I used as my finish point for the next 5 intervals. Once I completed 3 hills, I kept thinking about “not degrading.” I didn’t want to slow my pace on the latter 3 tries. Once we hit 6 of these, we did the same thing with 1:00 long sprints up the hill, yeah 6 of those, too. Then we stopped to drink the water we brought and left by the utility pole. Now it was 2 miles of 7:20 or better pace out and back on the island. I felt my right Achilles tighter than it should have been, and I was working and thinking hard to keep myself at the good pace. I don’t train like this, this is focused and aimed at delivering improvement! We finished the 2 miles at 7:15 miles, a good goal pace for Sharon, looking to pace her friend at 3:15 goal time in the last half of her marathon. We found all of our water and lanae’s shirt we missing from the utility pole once we returned. Not sure if it was the park employees or the homeless folks, we went into the park and I saw the park white pickup so I ran towards it. The man in the truck I think saw me running to him, got in the truck and started driving away… With nowhere to go. I an towards where he was heading, he stopped and did not roll down thepassenger window to talk, he got out of the driver’s side of the car and denied knowing anything about cleaning up our waters or taking Lanae’s shirt. Lanae confronted a homeless lady at the ladies room, but no info outta her, either. We got a drink from the fountain, and went back to run the bridge, this time :30 sec blasts at 6:20 pace or better. I was feeling the effects of the earlier workout already, my legs were tight (still from the running with Vibram shoes I guess) but I went well up the hill. All this and it’s now after 9am, my “makeup for not running yesterday” has spun awry. We finish the session with a cool down run in the parking lot, ruled of course by the reading of Lanae’s Endomondo app for the exact measurement of our 11 mile jaunt. This was a good tough run for me.

We finished up and I met Lanae at Dunkin Donuts for a drink and to give her Christmas gifts. Lori Fulton was our waitress, thankfully she had her name badge on or I wouldn’t know who she was. What a great way to start Boxing Day, the day John and I leave for a great Las Vegas trip!


No relief

8 mi.  I can’t remember having the bathrooms locked before and after a Blue Heron Bridge run.  The water fountain worked, but that’s all. I ran with Charlotte and Chiara, who crept up the hills on the sidewalk then zipped past us on each downhill portion.  Low attendance from others in the area.  Teresa and another lululemon employee came as part of a “free day” they had.  They looked to make this the first of six workouts all over the county on their day off.  Better than my workout schedule… I went to the office after the bridge!

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