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Chasing at sprints

8 miles.  Last week I skipped the sprints, so it happened today. I ran the first 5 with John Reback, he is healing from the Achilles issue. Good enough to run in front of me or zip me from behind on each one. There wasn’t much of a wind, unlike the last few weeks. Maureen, Mary and I caught a crescent moon rising, that was neat. My times for the 6 approx 1/4 mile sprints were…   1:23, 1:23, 1:24, 1:22, 1:21, 1:20


Moon sprinting

moon8 mi. This is cool weather for May, it’s 66 degrees! I arrive and Walter, Janet, Maureen and Missy are already there. They all want to warm up for a mile before the hill running. Still high in the sky, we get to run under a near-full moon this morning. As it dips into the western horizon, it gets larger and turns a darker tan then almost brown.

I run the first three hill miles with Janet, Maureen, and Missy. We are at a good pace, enjoying the slight breeze from the west. Mary Monks joins us, and once we finish the hills we start the first of 6 sprints. It’s tough and I try to keep the same cadence going all the way to the top. It’s almost a 1/4 mile up, and takes between 1:22-1:28 to get there. Mary and Maureen do all 6 of the intervals with me, that’s great. They are seeing the difficulty level and benefits of what this would mean if done every other week.


This workout will never get any easier, it will only get faster.


Ain’t got no sole

7mi. Today was my first hill sprint day since A1A Marathon. My legs felt ready for this workout. I knew it wouldn’t be my fastest times, but I felt it was necessary to climb back and get my lungs going. I don’t have any other endurance races ahead, so I’ll concentrate on getting better at the 5k distance.

My New Balance shoes are a good choice for the shorter runs, as long as I remember to wear skinny socks. Coming down the stairs to get ready this morning, I put them on and noticed they felt good space-wise, no tightness on the width. Ok by me!

I ran the 1/2 mile warm up, did 3 miles of regular hills, 6 sprints up and recovery jogs down, and a 1/2 miles cool down.

When I took them off at home, I noticed they had no insoles! Not the stock “mousepad” flat ones they come with or the arch inserts I use. Maybe that’s why I had so much room inside them – and felt a sore outer right foot during and after the run. Jeez…

Hills to recover

6.5 mi. I have so many good examples of how running the Blue Heron Bridge two days after a marathon gives my legs needed recovery. I arrived on the coldest day of our year, 46 degrees. The deceiving part was the breeze. Listed at just 4mph, it was more powerful and colder at the top of the hill. I wore a PBRR Classics long-sleeved shirt, a cotton short-sleeved shirt, and a lululemon windbreaker jacket. Gloves and calf sleeves made my outfit complete.

I ran a 1/2 mile warm up alone, then 3 miles with Kathy Murphy. I did a quick bathroom break and I ran the other 3 miles with Steve, the guy I met last week that drives in from Wellington to run the hill. He is training for his first Boston Marathon, so we had a good conversation all the way.

No cool down for me, all my upper layers were sweaty, I drove home and showered to start a busy day. I later heard on the radio that someone jumped off the bridge earlier in the morning or last night…


Encouraging pain for others!

8mi. Double up on the hill sprints – I choose this because who wants to run the sprints the week right before a marathon? Not me!

I get Jen Q. interested in this idea, she runs the 2 warm up laps with me, then the first 3 miles. And when she sprints up- she does very well! John R. joins us for the final 4, and Matt K. for the last 2. On the last one up, they both take off way faster than me. John jokes that he didn’t want Paul to see me ahead of him on the interval hill sprint.

Yeah, right!

Performance Enhancing Winds

8mi run/19mi bike – Today was the fake out of, “These breezes will make it seem cooler than it really is.” Paul and I ran a warmup lap, followed by me running another one with Jen Keyes. It was that seedy looking guy in the parked white van that had me wondering…

This was my week to incorporate some hill sprints – 3 miles of regular up and down folowed by 3 miles of hard sprint climbs. Today after #4, I felt as if my heart was in my throat – a first? It probably wasnt related to speaking with Paul about his heart procedure that gave him much more “breath” when exercising. Nah, couldn’t be…

I ran a bit with Aldo, he came looking for a big group and the proper times to show up. He fell near the curb one lap, and ran conservatively thereafter. He’ll be a regular training here for Boston I’m sure.

I did the 19 mile to Juno Pier and back ride, very confusing side winds from around the large condo buildings. My speedometer finally works, but today it was negated by the interference I get when I use my high-powered front light. I was very fatigued upon returning to the bridge on the bike, I still felt that odd respitory feeling from sprinting. Worth being aware of.

Two for Tuesday

9mi run, 19mi bike – I made a great move by finding out from Lanae if she and Rick and Lilia were doing the ride I sometimes see them involved with after bridge running. They were, I committed to go. It was so steamy hot and almost breezeless running the bridge. Teresa, the two Jens and Regina were all there. I ran some as a listener and some alone for 7 miles of bridges and 1.5 mi of parking lot warmup/cooldown.

Too hot!

Biking was good – their practice is each person pulls for a mile. We went to the parking lot past Marcinski Rd, turned around and came back. Rick pulls fast with his Zipp 808 wheels – it’s a good challenge on my beat up Blue Heron Bridge legs to keep the pace. Not much traffic and I really enjoyed the little breeze we made while riding.

Once back, I did good stretching in the sand under the bridge, then shower rinsed myself off. It was a god way to start a morning, I was home before 8am!

Sprinting up!

8mi. Two days after running a 5k at Riverbend Park, I may have been inspired to run the hills with some purpose. I did the mile warmup in 83 degree sun, starting at 3:50pm. Once I hit the bridge for the laps up and down, I decided to sprint all the uphills. This meant 12 1/4 mile pushes. It was tough on the lungs, I drank water and took a moment at the bottom of each lap to catch my breath. Like an early morning bridge run, I drank water each 2 miles. It was beginning to affect my right front shin, or the muscle stretched tightly across that part of my leg, only in the uphill direction. I felt very validated at the end of the hills, making my 1 mile cooldown a smilefest – knowing I really “gave” to the workout this time.

Rolling minus all breezes

Singer_Island_View_From_Blue_Heron_Bridge7mi. A good crowd shows up today and there’s no wind. Or breeze. Or anythhing from any direction. It’s very calm, which makes for sweaty laps in both directions. I run with John, Teresa and Jen for the first 5 laps. John and I do #6 together, then I add a cool down lap with Suzanne. We discuss the upcoming trips to Paris (She leaves Friday) and races and such. It’s very impressive to watch John rise up at 4:20am on his summer vacation, now that he’s working, and do this workout.  He can take this to Jax and keep in shape up there!

By the time we are finished, it’s light out. We’ve seen a great sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean. I like my chances of having a great Tuesday!

Blown into the reality of it all.

8 mi. Boston is in two weeks. I have not trained with Erica hard on weekends nor have I pressed myself on my own runs. I will keep a healthy schedule between now and the marathon, in hopes good weather and nutrition plus a boost from the fans and all give me strength. Today I ran solo the whole way, seeing Lilia, Adrienne, Kylan, Steve, Gary, Randi and a few others on the bridge. It was very breezy both directions – but hot enough that sweat was dripping in my eyes on lap #1. I never went fast but felt it was a good full Tuesday workout, my first in a long time. I’ll be back again next week to mentally focus on Boston visualization and feel for the race.

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