Admit it

I caught the flu or a nasty cold two weeks ago. I gave in and adjusted by not running certain days, and slower for all of the prescribed important runs of the week. Even at a reduced pace, the effort was tough. This week I thought I could return to the recommended paces for the … Continue reading Admit it


1st Half Marathon Training tempo run

Following the Hanson's Method for half marathon, today was my first tempo run in training for Lighthouse Loop half marathon on October 26. I've drove to Alton and began running at 4:30 AM, thankfully having Daniel meet me for the warm-up. He was doing a 9 mile tempo run in training for his race in … Continue reading 1st Half Marathon Training tempo run

Long Run Palm Beach Island

15mi. I started at 6 am at Patti's store. A few others came, including one of the participant's from yesterday's "Pedal For Beers" event. The recommended route for Sunday morning goes over the middle bridge and wanders North on Palm Beach Island. You run to the very end and then take the Lake Trail back … Continue reading Long Run Palm Beach Island

And gravel and hills

8.2 mi. Today was supposed to be a rest day. Business travel has me in Southern Virginia and here is an opportunity to run in the daylight, on a trail with rolling hills. A way better option than rural roads in the dark with no sidewalks... Tomorrow will now be my "off" day! How is … Continue reading And gravel and hills