Palm Beach summers

11 mi. The summer suffocating humidity is here, a month before the solar recognition of the season change. Johan's Joes, WPB I ran with Daniel and Maureen on the WPB/ Palm Beach long run route. This was Daniel's first time, now he knows the way. He is doing the Hanson's Marathon Method for the Green … Continue reading Palm Beach summers

Long Run Palm Beach Island

15mi. I started at 6 am at Patti's store. A few others came, including one of the participant's from yesterday's "Pedal For Beers" event. The recommended route for Sunday morning goes over the middle bridge and wanders North on Palm Beach Island. You run to the very end and then take the Lake Trail back … Continue reading Long Run Palm Beach Island

Stealthman 3

This was a gamble, training exercise slated for Palm Beach - based at the intersection of the Atlantic Ocean and Worth Avenue. The local Palm Beach police aren't usually keen to having anything "out of the ordinary" occur on their watch. Shirtless people scampering down the Worth Ave straightaway is not on their things to … Continue reading Stealthman 3