Performance Enhancing Winds

8mi run/19mi bike - Today was the fake out of, "These breezes will make it seem cooler than it really is." Paul and I ran a warmup lap, followed by me running another one with Jen Keyes. It was that seedy looking guy in the parked white van that had me wondering... This was my … Continue reading Performance Enhancing Winds

Strong winds play spoiler

67 miles.  It's Friday and I have the time for a ride. After lunchtime I guess a good path would be to hit the beach road and do the 30 mile loop to the Inlet park and back. I leave at noon and head on the crowded roads north. Military Trail, Indiantown Road, all clogged … Continue reading Strong winds play spoiler

Rolling heavy in the big winds

5mi run/21 mi ride  They say the more adverse the conditions get, the better the workout. I believe! Hurricane Sandy is heading up the coast from Miami, it won't directly hit us but it will bring wind and rain through Saturday afternoon. Today's track workout was a smattering of shorter distances topping out at 800m … Continue reading Rolling heavy in the big winds