Strong winds play spoiler

2015/01/img_4800.jpg67 miles.  It’s Friday and I have the time for a ride. After lunchtime I guess a good path would be to hit the beach road and do the 30 mile loop to the Inlet park and back.

I leave at noon and head on the crowded roads north. Military Trail, Indiantown Road, all clogged with midday drivers and tourists. I am careful around intersections, after all, I’m in no rush today…

As I get near Jupiter, I do some math and decide that turning around at 15 mles will have me home at 1:30pm. So what? I have time, the wind is directly in my face let me fight it some and go for Bridge Rd. I zip up Jupiter Island, mostly in aero bar mode, always into the wind. Same thoughts surface as I’m arriving at the top of the island – really, do I need to be heading home and done riding at 2:30pm? Nah – keep going!

The flag on Bridge Rd flaps 100% from the north wind. It’s whipping out there, and Gomez Rd is tough. The Dixie Highway stretch is also a challenge, no relief or pace line leader today. I am happy to get to Port Salerno to be shielded from some of the wind. The last windy section to the park is good, I am happy to hit the men’s room and refill my bottle for the fast ride back.

Coming home, the bridge to Jupiter Island is down but the gates are down, too. A pedestrian gets himself together to speak with the bridge tender. He comes back 2015/01/img_4799.jpgsaying that the bridge won’t show as closed, it will be awhile, he will need an engineer. He says walkers and cyclists can cross though! I figured a picture of me on the bridge with it in the closed position would be a rare one.

Down Beach Road with a tailwind, I am not breaking too much of a sweat nor is my speed too quick. I was lazy, probably happy to not be against the wind. I took US-1 back to Northlake and turned west to home. I hadn’t ridden over 60 miles in months, this will undoubtedly help me condition for the Dolphin Challenge ride in a little over two weeks.


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