Street wise in February

5mi - Again the track is under construction at Benjamin HS,  so we run 300m intervals in the parking lot. Anita comes for her first dash since November, Perry is doing Treasure Coast marathon this weekend as training for the JD State Park 50k in April. I stayed as close ass I wanted to Aldo, … Continue reading Street wise in February

Hills or wind? Same as..

29mi. I left the house into a 16mph SSE wind, so NOrthlake Eastbaound was upstream. Once I turned on Military Trail, I benefitted from the wind, but not the traffic signals. I had to complete stop and unclip at Northlake, Burns Rd, PGA, Donald Ross, Frederick Small, Toney Penna and then eastbound on Insdiantown Road, I … Continue reading Hills or wind? Same as..

300 shy

4500M  Maybe the 300m format of intervals has us confused. We do 1500 as the warmup/cooldown, and today we covered 4500 and were done. I ran middle of the pack with Sunday's marathon in Ft Lauderdale ahead. Everything feels good for that... 15oom warmup 300m w/150m recovery 1200m w/150m recovery 600m w/150m recovery 300m w/150m recovery 900m w/150m … Continue reading 300 shy

Dolphin Cycling Challenge

72 miles. The ride from CityPlace in West Palm Beach to Dolphins Sunlife Stadium was really fun! We had done our fundraising and prepared with a few good windy rides on weekends leading up to the event. Jessica had done this before from Boca to the stadium, this was our first attempt at 72 miles. … Continue reading Dolphin Cycling Challenge