So necessary!

7mi. Today’s bridge workout would be the easiest run to skip or sleep through. I am still feeling Sunday’s A1A effort in my quads and lack of flexibility. I did the exercises before driving to the run, and arrived at 4:52 with only Paul there already starting his warm up. We spoke a bit and I settled for half a mile of parking lot before the hill.

I was very slow on the warm up and glad it was cool (66) with a SW wind for my first climb. These post race loosen up runs really are necessary if I want the rest of my week to have normalcy for my legs. I am scheduled for the 5k Green Run Saturday at Riverbend Park. I did 3 miles of hills, a restroom break then 3 more miles. Only on mile was spent talking to Seth, the rest I was solo and slow. I ran 1/2 mile cooldown with Seth, too. Very much in a different place as I finished, my legs were not sore like when I arrived. Good thing I followed through and showed up!

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