A big midweek run

15 miles. This is one demanding workout! Weather was 59 degrees, light rain, and a breezy from the Northwest. I ran in a long sleeve shirt, shorts, water bottle belt, and a clip-on light. It called for 3 x 3 miles at goal marathon pace, with 2 mi warmup & 2 mi cooldown. One mile … Continue reading A big midweek run

1000 meters with good weather

9 mi. The last time I did this 6 x 1k workout was the middle of summer. Soaking humidity and a dead calm wind. Today was 65 degrees and much more pleasant! I did 2 mi warmup and 2 miles cooldown. The recommended pace for the 1000 meter intervals was 10k effort. According to my … Continue reading 1000 meters with good weather

Galen Rupp’s workout?

15 miles. A Tuesday morning run turns into a big effort for half marathon training. I don't remember doing a workout like this even for a full marathon. Today I did 3 miles of warmup, with two up and down the bridge. Then we started the one mile intervals at "goal pace." My goal is … Continue reading Galen Rupp’s workout?