Twelve Quarters

5 mi Today, 7/11 and it's time for track. I came early enough to run a warmup on Alton Rd plus visit a porta potty in the neighborhood-to-be near the rec center. Lisa Cox joined this run, her first ever track session. Since we don't have many people doing our late start for summer hours, … Continue reading Twelve Quarters


A delayed start

5mi. Today was the first morning of the new "summer hours" at Benjamin Track. Security will open the school gates at 6:30 am. I imagine this will inconvenience a few that have a work schedule beginning in the early mornings. Some runners cane at the regular time and did a workout on Grandiflora Ave. They … Continue reading A delayed start

A good cool morning for a change!

5 mi. Even in recovery mode it was refreshing to have the second cool track workout in a row. Many of my intervals had me as the very last runner in the group, which was expected. Sometimes, my recovery jog was the same speed as the interval! 1 mile warmup on Alton Rd 300m w/100m … Continue reading A good cool morning for a change!