Galen Rupp’s workout?

15 miles. A Tuesday morning run turns into a big effort for half marathon training. I don't remember doing a workout like this even for a full marathon. Today I did 3 miles of warmup, with two up and down the bridge. Then we started the one mile intervals at "goal pace." My goal is … Continue reading Galen Rupp’s workout?

Bridge recovery

8 miles. It's as it has been for years - Run a marathon, make sure I'm at the Blue Heron Bridge on Tuesday to wobble through a recovery run. This time, no marathon. Our race in Washington's Crossing, PA was cancelled at the last minute. I didn't run the marathon distance in tribute to the … Continue reading Bridge recovery

It’s lighter each morning

6 miles Today we did longer intervals, offsetting the many shorter things we did last week. Running with me was Daniel, Nicole, Aldo, Fiona and Brian. 1 mile warmup 400m w/200m recovery600m w/200m recovery800m w/200m recovery600m w/200m recovery 400m w/200m recovery1000m w/200m recovery600m w/200m recovery400m w/200m recovery 1 mile cooldown

Alton with a moon and a breeze

Today was a good workout, I had done a 5200m interval session with Nicole yesterday, so this one was light duty for me. Maureen, Gary and Brian ran this set of intervals... 1 mile warmup 400m w/200m recovery. 600m w/200m recovery. 400m w/200m recovery. 200m w/200m recovery. 200m w/200m recovery. 400m w/200m recovery. 800m w/200m … Continue reading Alton with a moon and a breeze