London Marathon 2023

Finished at Trafalgar Square Since this race starts at 9:30 am for the pros and 10 am for “the masses,” we weren’t required to wake up very early, which was great! We stayed in a Hilton DoubleTree hotel in nearby Deptford Bridge. This put us approximately ½ mile from the park where the race began. … Continue reading London Marathon 2023

Crumbs run

From the new Wawa on 45th Street This type of run right after a race is important to me. My experience has shown that getting to use the well-toiled muscles from the race makes the rest of the week much easier to handle. I'm still sore in places I should be, but it lessens the … Continue reading Crumbs run

2023 A1A Marathon

The 18th running of this event was a hot one! I attended the Colavita Dinner Friday night at Luigi di Roma with Maria. The meal was great - the transit to the restauarnt in Deerfield Beach is crazy! This is always a test of patience as the drive down on a Friday late afternoon takes … Continue reading 2023 A1A Marathon

Germany & Austria – The trip

Innsbruck, Austria This trip was by happenstance. I offered to travel with Jen Castro if she was accepted into the Berlin Marathon. She suggested I enter the athlete lottery anyway, why not? We BOTH were accepted into the race! Now I had a trip to plan. I have been to Berlin & knew where I'd … Continue reading Germany & Austria – The trip

2022 Boston Marathon Weekend

Getting my 6th unicorn medal from Patty The Patriot's Day weekend away was a tremendous experience. I'll sprinkle some of that info here along with my thoughts on the race, my race buildup and post-run things. The Boston Marathon, in its entirety, is a "cozy" event. Most of what a runner experiences (besides the eight … Continue reading 2022 Boston Marathon Weekend