8 Tempo miles

12 miles total. Today was a repeat of last week's 8 miles of tempo running in prep for the Chasing the Unicorn Marathon. The race is September 13th in Washington's Crossing, PA. The run schedule called for a 2 mile warmup, the 8 miles at marathon pace or effort, and a 2 mile cooldown. As … Continue reading 8 Tempo miles

Six 1 mile repeats

Our 60 miles per week schedule had us running four 1 mile repeats at 10 seconds below the desired goal marathon pace. Now on the 75 mile per week plan, we get six miles to do. Each is separated by 400m of jog recovery, which for me was slow to get my breath and heart … Continue reading Six 1 mile repeats

It’s lighter each morning

6 miles Today we did longer intervals, offsetting the many shorter things we did last week. Running with me was Daniel, Nicole, Aldo, Fiona and Brian. 1 mile warmup 400m w/200m recovery600m w/200m recovery800m w/200m recovery600m w/200m recovery 400m w/200m recovery1000m w/200m recovery600m w/200m recovery400m w/200m recovery 1 mile cooldown

Alton with a moon and a breeze

Today was a good workout, I had done a 5200m interval session with Nicole yesterday, so this one was light duty for me. Maureen, Gary and Brian ran this set of intervals... 1 mile warmup 400m w/200m recovery. 600m w/200m recovery. 400m w/200m recovery. 200m w/200m recovery. 200m w/200m recovery. 400m w/200m recovery. 800m w/200m … Continue reading Alton with a moon and a breeze

Outrun Corona

26.2 miles. Our race would have been today in Hawley, Pa. They had 41 degree temperatures and a high probability of rain predicted for our run on that course. We had another idea, however. Five of us lined up at 5:15 am in the parking lot of Dunkin' Donuts in Juno Beach for a full … Continue reading Outrun Corona