Flushed out

What's the best way to get the crazy smell out of your running shoes? I made the mistake of washing them THEN putting them in the heated dryer. Heating them to dry brings all of the sweat ever dripped into the shoe to the forefront. So once they come out of the dryer, two things … Continue reading Flushed out

Space Coast Half Marathon 2021

13.1 miles - The weather for this event was perfect! After many good years at this race, we were delivered a GREAT day! We had a good number of local runners make the trip up from Palm Beach for this race - the 50th running of the Space Coast Marathon. Today I was "on duty" … Continue reading Space Coast Half Marathon 2021

Nicer weather, lighter mornings are here.

 8mi. Back in time to see the sunrise, I took a long time running the bridge today. A bathroom break, water stops, this was a slow bunch of hill laps. I ran alone for the first two, with Kyle Smith for the next two, then weaving around those that showed up at 5:30am for my … Continue reading Nicer weather, lighter mornings are here.