Sure, I’ll go…

11 mi. Erica asks me if I’ll do her “long run” with her, calculatd to be 11 miles at 7 min pace. I was going to do the track workout at 5 miles total, but in the spirit of training harder as per my Vancouver runs, I agree.

It begins with a one mile warmup – I see on my watch we are at 8:30 then 8:15 pace. It is happily a little cooler out, like 68 degrees, so that’s better. I get the idea, faster pacing will be good for me. I follow on the correct side and at the proper distance behind Erica, who has not done this workout for 11 miles yet.We make three stops for water winding our route through Abacoa. On the second stop at our water that we left on a streetcorner, I decide to stop with 9.7 miles done. I was fading off the pace in the final 800m, so why completely bust butt for this one thing? I have done well and Erica finishes out the final piece to reach her 11 miles. She reports an average pace of 6:53, her fastest yet and for an extra mile, too!

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