Vancouver’s Seawall

Stanley Park, an urban playground of trees, lakes, trails and other natural attractions is home to a most unique feature – the Seawall. This paved path circles the westernmost boundary of the park. It yields tremendous views of Victoria Island, Lion’s Gate Bridge, the mouth of Vancouver harbor leading out to the Pacific, and ships waiting in the harbor to deliver their goods.

I had first run the Seawall as part of the inaugural lululemon SeaWheeze Half marathon in 2013. Representing miles 9-12, this area was a wonderful piece of race route that on a calm day proves to be most memorable. I was in town for a week of convention duty, so I did 3 morning runs on the Seawall.

Each of the three runs had different people along with me – only Yves was a constant on all three. His powerful pace pulled me to run considerably faster than I ever would have gone at it alone. I took my phone and ran with it in my hands day #2 to grab the pictures included in this post. It’s a special place to run that I always remember to tell others about!

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