Back on record

30mi. I rode to the Jupiter Inlet from home, using a later start time (5:00pm) to maybe take advantage of cooler temps. I swear I was caught by most traffic lights on Military Trail heading north… plenty of stop -> clip out of my pedals -> get a drink -> start up again. It was ok because the traffic as work let out for most people was thicker than I’m used to. Many of the drivers heading west were forced to stare at the sun, I didn’t want to add to that complexity.

My headset shims, all black colored aluminum have started squeaking when I pull on the bars or hit bumps. I put grease between them all two rides ago, I’m thinking they need to be sanded perfectly smooth, reinstalled and greased again. I had a SSE wind pushing me a little going up to Jupiter, and a side wind along the beach.

I have to ride more, I signed up for the Loggerhead Triathlon August 1st. It will be the first one I do since Ironman Zurich. Time to care about biking and swimming again!

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