Back on record

30mi. I rode to the Jupiter Inlet from home, using a later start time (5:00pm) to maybe take advantage of cooler temps. I swear I was caught by most traffic lights on Military Trail heading north... plenty of stop -> clip out of my pedals -> get a drink -> start up again. It was … Continue reading Back on record

On her pace…

10 mi. Erica told me about her workout for today - 10 miles with a steep decrease in pace every two miles. John said he'd try it, same here, I committed to staying with the pace as long as I felt good. We started a tiny bit late, Erica, John, Alicia Schultz, Mike Reinhardt and … Continue reading On her pace…

Start it up again

21 mi. Long runs in the middle of August make me question whether I have wisely chosen my races for the year. When you train for Boston, it's in the cooler months. This training for North Face Endurance Challenge has me out in the longest mileage weeks for the warmest two months of the year. … Continue reading Start it up again

Dilution makes for special moments

16 mi.  Most of the locals were racing the 37th Shamrock 10 miler or 5k. This left a diluted group to run the usual store route on a Saturday morning. I came ready for a perky, fast-paced distance run at 5am, running mile #1 in 7:40. Then I picked up the pace to below 7 … Continue reading Dilution makes for special moments