On her pace…

20140719-074048-27648036.jpg10 mi. Erica told me about her workout for today – 10 miles with a steep decrease in pace every two miles. John said he’d try it, same here, I committed to staying with the pace as long as I felt good. We started a tiny bit late, Erica, John, Alicia Schultz, Mike Reinhardt and I.  Temps were warm, no breeze or noticeable relief today, this was going to be work.  Alicia and Mike ran a step behind John and I, who were slightly off Erica’s shoulder.

First two miles at 7:50 pace – good here. We passed many of the store runners and new Galloway group people. Once at the water stop, we lowered the pace to 7:30. My marathon pace, this was good too. Knowing what was ahead, I didn’t want this pace to feel labored, especially on a warm and still morning. At the Jupiter Beach Resort, the pace shifted again to 7:10. I was good with this, telling Erica that if I feel comfortable at this pace I should train to do a marathon at this pace. Yeah. And I asked her to remind me of that when I do…

At the Inlet, John said his achilles was sore so he would go home slower than we planned on running.  We lost Alicia shortly after the Inlet turnaround, and once at Maltz Theatre we began the 6:50 pace for two miles. Erica said this takes us to the water stop, and from there the workout called for 6:40 pace. We found Seth Waller at the Carlin hill, he wanted to run with us. We kept the 6:50 pace for the next two miles, landing us at the water stop. Erica said she was going to keep the 6:50 pace and not try for the 6:40 last two miles. She said I could or should go for the remainder of the workout – but my purpose was to run with her, not to do Stan’s workout. We stopped again at the Marcinski water fountains – definitely necessary on such a warm morning. The water looked great for swimming, something I’d have a chance of doing if I parked at Loggerhead park instead of the store. As it ended, our last 4 miles were at 6:50 pace. Great for my legs and hamstring, which wasn’t sore noticeably. And more than I would have pushed myself to alone or in a social group.

After finishing, Erica likes to cool down jog to the bridge, so her and I with Mike R. did that. John was done when I got back – we taste-tested some of Aldo’s Endurox new flavors, banana and strawberry. I’ll vote with my parched throat – the straberry flavor is a keeper.

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