Focus on the ride.

20140722-152422-55462885.jpg30 miles. Well that’s two weeks in a row! I’ve come home from work, John goes to Ultimate frisbee, and I ride to the Jupiter Inlet Beach and back. Wind from the Southeast made it a slower ride home. I stopped at Jessica’s but she said she probably wouldn’t be home yet – she was right. Easy going up Military Trail, I remembered my lulu headband, meaning the atrocious sweat never made it into my eyes. A light traffic night meant I was stopped at a few intersections, but no issues with cars.

I do need to wear a rear blinking light – if the sky is cloudy in the west I get caught at 7:30 ish in low light conditions.

The notable happening besides a nice 30 mile after work ride is that the INlet fountain is working and pumping cold water again! Good news for the weekend runners!

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