Dualie on a Tuesday

8 mi run, 27 mi ride In over ten years of Blue Heron Bridge running, I have never been able to tape another workout on the end of the hill run. Even in the summer, it’s time to zip home, take care of John, drive to school, whatever. Well today I went with Lanae’s suggestion to ride after the run. I brought the bike, prepared for the rain, and said I’d try it. I ran the first few hills with Megan and Teresa, yapping about her 1:27 OC half marathon. Then I went solo for the last two laps, finishing with a mile of cooldown. Then it was time to ride. with a 40% chance of rain, I still hoped I could fit it in. I brought my good headlamp, a few flasher lights for Lanae to use, and we went to the Inlet and back. Never topping 20 mph, especially in the dark, it was an easy but effective ride to loosen the legs. We rode with the wind north, and into the breeze coming back home. The moment we got back to Phil Foster Park, we saw the rainclouds as a wall of grey in the sky to the south, heading with the wind in our direction. I drove home in the rain – this was one of those rare times we beat the storm and watched it blast anyone else who was still riding a mere 5 minutes longer than we did! Good workout to start the day!

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