Lake Worth Triathlon 2012

1/4 mi swim, 11 mi bike, 3 mi run  A near perfect morning greeted the 400+ athletes that signed up for the Tropical Triathlon this year. Surprisingly, the casino area was still mashed up under construction much like it was last year. Disappointing because  they have a beautiful piece of oceanfront land, they haven't developed it near to … Continue reading Lake Worth Triathlon 2012

Back in ‘da hood

6mi. I didn't run at track on Thursday, I couldn't put together enough energy after a long call with Australia to wake up and zip there plus try to ride with Lanae afterwards. A rare "no-show" for me. I ran my Steeplechase neighborhood run with Lanae this time, I guess showing it to someone that … Continue reading Back in ‘da hood

Golden Leaf Half Marathon

13.1 What a place to run! Snowmass Village, the race start,  is tucked up a winding road off the main highway in Colorado's Roaring Fork Valley. We drove early from Shelby's home in Breckenridge - a 2 hour sprint on an empty Interstate 70. I was very awake due to the time difference and cool … Continue reading Golden Leaf Half Marathon

Legends Only

20mi. When you arrive at 4:15 in a driving rainstorm, you know it's a special day to run. Walter came moments later, and it was raining and thundering so hard I didn't put down the window to speak to him, I called him instead. We stepped out and no reprieve, we were drenched immediately. The … Continue reading Legends Only