Legends Only

20mi. When you arrive at 4:15 in a driving rainstorm, you know it’s a special day to run. Walter came moments later, and it was raining and thundering so hard I didn’t put down the window to speak to him, I called him instead. We stepped out and no reprieve, we were drenched immediately. The whole Tri Running Sports parking lot was an ankle deep puddle. We ran south to Mac Arthur Park entrance, all in an electrical storm with plenty of rain and puddles I couldn’t avoid. I had my visor light but everything being so wet, it didn’t help. We saw Chiara coming around to meet us at 5:30am at PGA park. She drove past us on A1A and stopped to meet us. We spoke briefly and she drove off. At this, Walter said he was anxious to drop off his shirt, now soaked, and belt camelbak. But a few minutes later, Chiara came back in her car and beeped twice on her way back home. Still heading north, we saw Paul leaving the store early. In a driving rainstorm, I said, “Hey Paul, good morning, welcome to the Legends Only run!” He laughed and continued his stride. We continued north bac to the store, found Dave C. for his third week of running in a row, and headed out. The parking lot was still flooded and the group was small. It continued raining with little let up from the swollen skies. It began to get light out near Carlin Park, but no sunrise, just more hard rain. My shoes were wet, then saturated from puddles, then they’d almost dry out again from many steps, only to get completely soaked in new puddles I couldn’t avoid. All of A1A past Jupiter Beach Resort was flooded, forcing us ton run only on the west side of the road. We went to the inlet, took a short break, and headed back. At Carlin Park south, the rain stopped. We had a mild drizzle for most of the way back – but I was happy to return to the store with another 20 mile run on the weekend.

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