Relax in the back

4 mi. For all the people that say they will "taper", "do less" and generally relax before a race, I say it's not tough for me. Today was a track workout I felt fine to run well, but slogged a slow series of intervals to be fresh for NYC Marathon. Paul cast a few 1000m … Continue reading Relax in the back

Take a windy turn on wheels

50mi. Today I started with the group at 6:45 - maybe 10 people were on the ride. Wind from the NW made it a climb heading up, but our group was ready to paceline into that breeze. We morphed into a smaller group at Bridge Rd, then smaller again at Gomez and some took Dixie … Continue reading Take a windy turn on wheels

Rolling heavy in the big winds

5mi run/21 mi ride  They say the more adverse the conditions get, the better the workout. I believe! Hurricane Sandy is heading up the coast from Miami, it won't directly hit us but it will bring wind and rain through Saturday afternoon. Today's track workout was a smattering of shorter distances topping out at 800m … Continue reading Rolling heavy in the big winds

Bricks are tough recovery!

60mi ride/6mi run  Starting at 6am were Lisa Reiss, Lanae, Scott Simpson and I. We were caught by Teresa and Joe by the RR tracks near Port Salerno. I had my Nite Rider helmet light and a few flashers since our first 45-60 minutes were in the dark. Scott pulls well, I followed more than … Continue reading Bricks are tough recovery!