Third century production

100 mi ride/3 mi run  A 6:00am meetup means we started pedaling around 6:15. This is my thrid 100 mile ride of the year. We had a group of Barry and Lisa Reiss, Sal and Suzanne, Erica, Erin and Izzy. We rode in shifting winds up the wet road to the lighthouse bridge. Barry and … Continue reading Third century production

Bricks are tough recovery!

60mi ride/6mi run  Starting at 6am were Lisa Reiss, Lanae, Scott Simpson and I. We were caught by Teresa and Joe by the RR tracks near Port Salerno. I had my Nite Rider helmet light and a few flashers since our first 45-60 minutes were in the dark. Scott pulls well, I followed more than … Continue reading Bricks are tough recovery!

The Juno-Francisco Marathon

30 mi.  Charlotte had planned to run the SF marathon since the MBA acceptance went through. Thinking she'd already be living on the west coast, her trip to and from Florida wasn't something anyone thought would happen.  As had happened when I ran in Boston, Charlotte woke up very early, under everyone else's radar, and … Continue reading The Juno-Francisco Marathon