A NY companion

16 mi. I seldom have to run the first 6 dark miles alone, I was prepared and I brought enough water and dressed for warm weather. Only a small breeze from the north helped me. When I returned form the solo PGA trip, I went to the store and met with Chiara and her younger … Continue reading A NY companion

Another 21

21 mi.  This was a much more humid day with less wind than last Saturday.  I ran with Gary and Janine Peart to PGA and back after ticking off one DR bridge lap to Prosperity Farms Rd.  Then I joined with Dave Capperelli for the 10.5 store to Inlet run.  One more trip over the … Continue reading Another 21

D squared once more.

21 mi.  First run in fire colored Aasics Gel Nimbus 13, and good attempt at using the Garmin 305 too.  I started at 4:40 with an over the bridge jaunt. I kept thinking, "I'll be happy when I come back here," meaning I'd almost be done with a long one by then.  I found Gary … Continue reading D squared once more.

The Juno-Francisco Marathon

30 mi.  Charlotte had planned to run the SF marathon since the MBA acceptance went through. Thinking she'd already be living on the west coast, her trip to and from Florida wasn't something anyone thought would happen.  As had happened when I ran in Boston, Charlotte woke up very early, under everyone else's radar, and … Continue reading The Juno-Francisco Marathon