A NY companion

16 mi. I seldom have to run the first 6 dark miles alone, I was prepared and I brought enough water and dressed for warm weather. Only a small breeze from the north helped me. When I returned form the solo PGA trip, I went to the store and met with Chiara and her younger brother, Christian. He was here for a wedding and had already been to a spin class with Chiara. We ran to the first water stop, then  I started slow thinking everyone was behind me. Once near Carlin Park, I saw that Christian was ahead of me! I sped to catch his pace, we ran together to the Inlet park and took a short men’s room break. I suggested the Palm Tree sprints for the way home, he sounded interested so off we went. First a stop at Carlin Park to eat a gel and wash down with water. We did interval pickups until we reached the pier. It was very warm out, but Christian was tough through the speed up portions and ran very well! Once we finished at the store, many were preparing for a Dunkin’ Donut run, where each person runs 2mi, eats 8 Dunkin Munchkins then returns 2 miles. I left before this started, I figured John would be waiting for me to share breakfast.

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