Cooler than we deserve

8 mi. For the begining of May, we don't usually get 70 deg weather and a cool ocean breeze. If this is global warming, then I'm an oil and coal company fan! Walter and I started with Teresa and Chelsea and another former lulu employee guy. We separated on and off for the laps, Adrienne … Continue reading Cooler than we deserve

St Anthony’s finishers and Suzanne, too.

8 mi. I met Walter at 4:55am on a breezy, 78 degree morning. Chiara was already in the cage ticking off laps. I'm surprised to see that so much of the south wall's turquoise fence has been put up, maybe they're embarrassingly behind schedule and working quick to get one side of the bridge fixed. Fine … Continue reading St Anthony’s finishers and Suzanne, too.