30 runners

5 mi. We had 30 runners up early on a Thursday morning for the track session. Paul said he was having a stress test and therefore he wasn't running. All those people spent the first 15 minutes on Alton's well-lit road warming up. I met two new runners, CrossFit people who heard about the workout … Continue reading 30 runners

Miss Ya Thrice

5mi. When I show up at track workout and haven't been for three weeks, it feels like I have a big weight around my belt. Everyone is running fast and I'm breathing considerably hard to get this done and stay where I belong. Attila, fresh off his 19:01 5k in NYC and Aldo are who … Continue reading Miss Ya Thrice

Track among other achievers

4mi. It's customary for us to get less people when winter. Today we had maybe 10 runners. Weather was warm like a late spring morning. I ran half speed, having just done the Miami Marathon 4 days earlier. Our intervals -- 1 mi warmup jog 300m w/200m recovery 300m w/200m recovery 600m w/200m recovery 900m … Continue reading Track among other achievers

St Anthony’s finishers and Suzanne, too.

8 mi.Β I met Walter at 4:55am on a breezy, 78 degree morning. Chiara was already in the cage ticking off laps. I'm surprised to see that so much of the south wall's turquoise fence has been put up, maybe they're embarrassingly behind schedule and working quick to get one side of the bridge fixed. Fine … Continue reading St Anthony’s finishers and Suzanne, too.