1000 meters with good weather

9 mi. The last time I did this 6 x 1k workout was the middle of summer. Soaking humidity and a dead calm wind. Today was 65 degrees and much more pleasant! I did 2 mi warmup and 2 miles cooldown. The recommended pace for the 1000 meter intervals was 10k effort. According to my … Continue reading 1000 meters with good weather

Track by Alton

5mi. On Grandiflora Road in Palm Beach Gardens, we've got a place to run fast. It's like a track workout, outside of the fenced high school where we would normally run a track session. Paul, the usual coach, has taken some time off the usual weekday runs, he is staying closer to home. We see … Continue reading Track by Alton

A good cool morning for a change!

5 mi. Even in recovery mode it was refreshing to have the second cool track workout in a row. Many of my intervals had me as the very last runner in the group, which was expected. Sometimes, my recovery jog was the same speed as the interval! 1 mile warmup on Alton Rd 300m w/100m … Continue reading A good cool morning for a change!