30 runners

5 mi. We had 30 runners up early on a Thursday morning for the track session. Paul said he was having a stress test and therefore he wasn't running. All those people spent the first 15 minutes on Alton's well-lit road warming up. I met two new runners, CrossFit people who heard about the workout … Continue reading 30 runners


You’ll be proud of this one

5mi. I'm cautiously adding weekly miles on the back end of having my right hip sore for the last two weeks. The left side glute, a nagging soreness in June and July, was really the only thing I felt. I ran at mostly a 70% pace, going faster only on the final 800m interval. Paul … Continue reading You’ll be proud of this one

55 is a great number

5 miles. Today was our seasonal first taste of cooler weather, our starting temp was 55 degrees at the Benjamin Track. Paul and Tim wore long sleeve shirts and cycling skullcaps. Two gals had on prior year Classics By the Sea shirts. Our PBRR Fall Social was last night at Twisted Trunk Brewery. Although I … Continue reading 55 is a great number