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DTR Oleta 10 mile Full Moon Trail Race

oleta110 mi. I know Oleta River State Park trails, even if I haven’t ridden here in two years or more. There were good people doing this race – Ken Baxter and his 2 sons were running, Romo Melendez, Hamed, and Jodi and her new boyfriend, Randy. Julie and Frans were working at a water stop on the course, so this was made to enjoy.

I decided to wear my Saucony Grid Peregrine shoes from a few years ago, They have more grippers on the bottoms and should work better than road shoes.

I arrived early, did the easy packet pickup and took a small warmup lap on the trails near the parking lot. I had two lights, one belt mounted and a head lamp. I discovered the belt mounted light wasn’t bright enough for this use, it works ok for running on the road early mornings. The headlamp is probably best suited for camping, not the super bright trail setup I would need. My eyes aren’t as good in the dark, so if I continue doing these it will be with a MUCH better light.

The race started and I went with the first of two waves. My first mile was done in 7:10 – I only had one girl (Alice Henley) in front of me. Once we entered the single track, that’s when my lights and vision proved to be dim. I saw how easy it was to skip or trip and fall. I didn’t fall, thankfully. I caught myself tripping twice and I recovered in time. I did get momentary cramping in my calve muscles as I went through the “save” process. Both of these happened in the later half of the race.

At the end of the Half Pipe section, we run along the road by the cabins and then into section #3. I saw a girl wearing the iRun kit cheat – she came right across the road and tucked in behind me, even though I loudly spoke to her twice and said, “NOT COOL!” She never passed me but I hoped to see her try that during the remainder of the race.

I had a few younger guys pass me on course, maybe 4 or 5. I was focused on not allowing anyone that could be in my ten-year span age group to pass me. I counted off the miles in my head – saying “3 miles clear” meaning no falls. I was careful in that respect, knowing a bad ankle pull or roll would cause me to have to walk back.

Just after mile 6, I didn’t see any markers or reflective arrows. I tried to back up on the trail, then I couldn’t find the original trail! I waiting in one place for the next runner to come down the trail. A guy came down, I asked if he had passed mile 6 yet, and he thankfully answered, “Yes.” I ran with him, he went ahead a bit,  then slowed to walk. We passed each other a few times – finally, he fell back and I didn’t see him again.


I ran up the only real hill on the course, I saw a photographer and heard people cheering ahead. When I ran up the hill, a guy yelled at me to not run towards the photographer, he questioned if I was looking for “more gains.” I really couldn’t see a difference, so I kept going until I almost ran into the photographer! They said my lights were low and asked if I wanted to borrow a candle or iPhone. Yeah, hint taken.

The final trail section was on a trail called Rocky Mile. It was tough, the limestone rocks and roots made for tough foot placement. I saw the “verification” timing mat hidden in the woods, right at mile #8. It took my best concentration in the final miles to run clean and not fall.

Once out of the woods, it was approx 1.5 miles to go. But I wasn’t going to do another 7 min mile. My legs felt heavy from the different type of running I had done. Up on my toes and plenty of side-to-side action had different muscles feeling it. Especially my feet! I saw the light of the guy behind me as I went around the “Caribbean” style beach, but he wasn’t going to catch me. I came in solo in 1:43:xx. This was best in the 50-59 age group, but there were no AG awards at this race.oleta3

I stayed after for about an hour. Hamed won 3rd place overall, I never saw Ken or his family, Frans and Julie came back just before I left. While waiting for the awards presentation, I took off my shoes and went in the water. There were “No Swimming” signs due to bacteria in the water, but I had to cool off and clean off. My feet and toes were cramping! The shell rocks and bumpy beach added to the discomfort.

A new headlamp and some off road practice before the next one, I promise!


Spongey track again

5mi. After parking at the Alton street location, Paul rounded the corner in his now-repaired Jeep. He said, “C’mon, we are running on the track today, the gates are open.”

It was a noticeable difference, the track is softer and springs back with each step. I couldn’t see the small repair marks until it was light out – they looked great and didn’t have any lumps or depressions. The repairs to all of the facilities are going well. They need to get the Reback Track & Field sign back up!

Paul was happy to abandon the preset workout and pull us through these intervals…

1mi warmup jog

300m w/100m recovery
300m w/100m recovery
600m w/200m recovery
400m w/200m recovery
400m w/200m recovery
800m w/200m recovery
700m w/200m recovery
500m w/200m recovery
400m w/100m recovery

1 mile cooldown

I walked a lap with Paul and Perry, then went to the car. The trees from the parking lot were all uprooted, so it looks different. When I walked back to my car, I saw this… rabbit


So I know my workout was legit.



Classics By the Sea 10k

20121217-091038.jpg6.2 mi – My first 10k not including those associated with an Olympic distance triathlon. I arrived kinda too early, but helped with some of the setup duties, shirts and awards. I did a warmup short run with Erin to the “Shakepearian rest rooms” across the park. Then another 2 mile legs spin with Erica south on A1A and back. I thought of riding to the event from home, my legs feel good to run after some spinning of the pedals. I didn’t go that way, I just drove to Carlin Park.

I started in a mid pack group of people, wearing lulu shorts and top, a Tri Running Sports hat and my Garmin to flag me if my pace started to relax. I had to remember the 5k runners were starting here too, not to get amped up and go out too fats with them. Not a problem, the barely at 7 min mile pace up the driveway leading to A1A made sure I didn’t run too fast in mile #1. I only recognized Rick and Adrienne as we passed in front of Carlin Park – I wasn’t positive if they were 5 or 10k runners. Up the small rise of a hill and i saw mile 1 was 6:37 pace. Good. Now the road was spreading thin as runners chose a side and lined up on the inside of the road for water. I kept the Garmin at always below 6:40 and near 6:30 when I thought to look at it. Between miles 2 -3 I ran some right down the middle of the street with my eyes closed. I wanted to see what my pace would be if I was comfortable with no influence from checking the watch or seeing other people. At the 5k turnaround I didn’t have a single thought of wishing it was me – a good sign I was ready to go twice as far. I kept running the inside line on the mild bends in the road, concentrating on my breathing. I saw Linda and further up, Erica. I figured I was probably going their same pace. At the turnaround past the pier I knew each step was heading home, so start to give more. I ran next to Linda near the pier, then both of us ran with Erica. Linda asked why I was so serious, I wasn’t telling any jokes or being chatty. I quickly told her I was trying to do well in this run. Her turnover and ability to talk to both Erica and I showed she was comfortable at the 6:30 ish pace and could do this for awhile. I had slightly less than 3 miles to go at this pace, my lungs were filled with congestion, it was not an easy run for me. Legs felt good, no twinges or little sore spots on the back of my calves or quads. I wanted to push my pace quicker to catch a lone male runner ahead so I started to go faster at Marcinski Road. Once I got near him, I kinda felt I was out of my range pace wise, so I tucked in and paced off him for awhile. I ran next to him just before the 5 mile sign, he saw this and sped up to put a 50-75 yard gap between us. I made it to right where the lululemon girls had setup their cheer station, a perfect spot to wave, smile and get a boost  of enthusiasm from them. Now with less than 1/2 mile to go, I figured I was good in my position. It was unlikely I’d pass the guy ahead of me nor was anyone near me to run by. I came into the parking lot, aided even if only mentally by the slope downhill. I saw Suzanne try to get her camera in place to take a picture, but she didn’t get it together in time. I crossed the finish in 40:52. Good running on a day I might have preferred running with no shirt on, it was breezy but the temps were 70s and it was humid. Erica, Adrienne and Julie Bishop all won their age groups for 10k. Lanae got squeezed at the end by April Flynn into a second place by 1/2 of a second.

Congestion and a warm day made for a race that kept me thinking the whole way. I was leery about going out too quick (didn’t happen) and about puckering way off pace once I got 4.5 miles behind me. (didn’t occur, either) The 10k is a rough distance, knowing you’d love to stay at 5k pace twice, but I am not prepared for that. I was optimistic regarding the next 5k I enter, I should be able to really go well if the distance is only half as far.

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