Galen Rupp’s workout?

15 miles. A Tuesday morning run turns into a big effort for half marathon training. I don’t remember doing a workout like this even for a full marathon.

Today I did 3 miles of warmup, with two up and down the bridge. Then we started the one mile intervals at “goal pace.” My goal is to have a good half marathon in November, I’m not really wrapped around a specific finish time for this race. The idea in my mind was to do my eight mile intervals between 6:30 – 6:40 pace.

The wind was significant and directly from the east. Our route runs into that wind for the first 600 meters of every mile. Air temp was 81 with 82% humidity. It may have been a good day to adjust the paces, but as long as I had others silly enough to do this with me, I went along with the planned paces.

John, Maureen, Daniel and Matt did pieces of the workout with me. Daniel completed all of the mile intervals, his first 3 at 6:05 pace. My long run Sunday and 10 miles yesterday meant I was happy to complete mine as prescribed.

mile average paces:


I was glad to finish this one, I was tired from the miles and running into the wind. Daniel did the 2 mile cooldown with me, one mile on the bridge and one mile in the parking lot. I took a beach shower which felt great with the wind. The wind isn’t a problem when I’m sitting on a park bench all completed. A protein shake drank in my car and I was done for the morning’s workout.


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