Be Boston – Marathon 2017

Welcome Runners! This was my first visit to the Boston Marathon as a spectator! I've been wanting to do this for several years. I know the weekend schedule, I know the town, and I know the course. I can put myself where I want to be, without any of the concerns that I'd have if I was … Continue reading Be Boston – Marathon 2017



7.5mi. The idea of running the hills the week before the Boston Marathon is for some, too much. I do not overtrain, so my run this morning was at an easy pace, I was never out of breath. Joe Ponton came and surprised me on my warmup lap. I planned on spending the whole workout daydreaming and visualizing … Continue reading Eclipse

Denver south and the hills!

4-5 miles - John and I landed at noon in Denver for a week in the mountains. He is finishing up his track season, with a few meets ahead that lead to local champoinships. I have the Boston Marathon in four weeks. We can't blank-out for a whole week of running. Mike, our host for … Continue reading Denver south and the hills!

Boston Marathon 2013 – The race to the finish line

This year's race looked to be perfect weather for anyone traveling up from Florida. Even before the 10 day forecast could reach April 15th, it was apparent that the temps would not be too warm or too cold. Only precipitation could mess up what looked to be a wonderful day to run. I flew Sunday … Continue reading Boston Marathon 2013 – The race to the finish line

Boston Marathon, beyond the finish line

My race ended in grand fashion. I experienced wonderful running weather, tremendous crowd support and a goal time achieved. I had several friends also participating in the race, each running their own version of the famed Boston Marathon. If you haven't been to the race, I can offer an explanation of what many videos and … Continue reading Boston Marathon, beyond the finish line

Boston Marathon 2011

26 'dot' a few tenths of a mile. Easy flights into Boston on Saturday afternoon made the beginning of the trip fun. First class seats coupled with some eats and shopping in Baltimore airport got me to Logan in Boston, ready to subway and train my way to my friend Scott’s house in Franklin, Mass. … Continue reading Boston Marathon 2011