The 3 minute bridge workouts

It takes longer than 3 minutes to run a lap on the Blue Heron Bridge. According to the training plan I am using, I warmup for 1.5 miles then complete ten 3 minute surges over the hill. At the pace I use, 3 minutes gets me 80-85% over the hill. I jog to the bottom, wait a few seconds, then start the next interval. The run is capped off with a 1.5 mile cooldown.

I ran this with Maureen, she goes fast on her first interval then dials back more towards a good pace she can sustain for the remaining climbs. Matt Kakuk came during the 8th interval and ran the final two with me. I go up at 7-7:10 pace and down at 6:55-7:00 minutes miles. The training wants me to run up for 3 minutes, we don’t have a hill that’s long enough for that. My idea is that Boston’s course has downhills that figure into the plan, so if my running up and down contributes to the fitness, that’s ok.

I am good besides the heel irritation when I am done. Each week offers Wednesday as the day off, so this workout is the last before a rest day. Then it starts up again with a marathon pace effort each Thursday. I like the hill workout since I have been a bridge runner on a regular basis. It’s all contributing to the build up for Boston Marathon!

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