Long Run Palm Beach Island

15mi. I started at 6 am at Patti’s store. A few others came, including one of the participant’s from yesterday’s “Pedal For Beers” event. The recommended route for Sunday morning goes over the middle bridge and wanders North on Palm Beach Island. You run to the very end and then take the Lake Trail back to the North Bridge.

I needed 15 miles at easy/moderate pace. This meant I would start and have to add miles here and there. I went up Worth Ave first, running to the beach and then North on A1A. I ran past the Breakers Hotel and then north again to the first water stop at the old Post Office. There I met some of the other runners who took a more direct route.

I ran down a road that led to a dead end, so I went on the beach sand for two or three blocks until I saw real pavement I could get back on. Then it was back to the tree-lined A1A route and north to the golf course and country club. Once there, you’re back running next tot he ocean and up towards the second water stop. The sea was super calm with no waves at all. I saw a man in his pj’s walk across the street from his oceanfront home to take a photo of his pool villa and the ocean as a backdrop. What a place to call home!

My pace was in the low 8’s or 7:50’s. I ran up to the turnaround small park where I thought if I went fast enough I would have seen the cruise ship pass that was returning from an overnight sail. Nope, it was already in the berth. It’s good that the small park and dock is open again, it also has a water fountain that proves to be a reliable stop.

The run back down along the Lake trail was nice. It was warmer than what we had in previous days for weather, but still nice. My left foot was strained, suffering from some of the effects of pre-plantar pain that I think I’ve narrowed down to the New Balance 1080 shoes. I am now switching to the Hoka Clifton 5 for A1A marathon.

I ran to the North Bridge and saw I didn’t have enough miles to head back tot he store yet, so it was another jaunt through the Breakers Golf Course maintenance road, south through the Palm Beach downtown area, and down Worth Ave again. I saw and stopped to speak with Madeleine and Chris Ely, they were just starting their run from home onto the island. I know if I get to the center of Worth Avenue and I have 1.5 miles left to go, the Run & Roll store will be the correct stopping point. I also caught an eyeful of a guy running in the middle of the road with a Patriot’s flag around his neck as a cape – yes, today is Super Bowl Sunday.

I crossed the bridge and headed back to Evernia Street, site of yesterday’s Polish Festival. It was all cleaned up by now. I ran past the store to allow for a complete 15 miles, then walked back and sat with Patti and a few other runners that did miles on the island. Maura Hennessey spoke with me a bit about the New England Green River Marathon. She will go there this summer, after finding suitable lodging that accepts her dog. I showed her and her friend some photos of last year’s race… it’s neat to see someone get excited about a story I brought forth.

More Hanson’s method miles done – A1A Marathon is two weeks away!

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