bloodmoon7.5mi. The idea of running the hills the week before the Boston Marathon is for some, too much. I do not overtrain, so my run this morning was at an easy pace, I was never out of breath. Joe Ponton came and surprised me on my warmup lap. I planned on spending the whole workout daydreaming and visualizing what I’d be doing next week in the race. Instead, Joe ran next to me and shared what he has been doing since winter, when I last ran with him.

During the warmup, he pointed out the eclipse that was in it’s final 40% of view. He woke up at 2am to get a good view of the whole thing. I saw a big, bright moon, no red colors, and the shadow of Earth on the moon. That was neat for me, when does that ever happen?

Paul, Lilia, Lanae, Rick, Adrienne, Randi, Kylan and Nicole also ran today. Matt Kakuk showed up later, as did a few solo girls. My shoes are what I’ll race in next week, the Skechers Ultra that I used in the A1A Marathon 7 weeks ago. All good equipment-wise, now to stay healthy until the start in Hopkinton.

The closer I get to Boston, the more I think about my experience from the race last year. Today is the one year anniversary of the bombings. I feel good about the trip ahead, but not the same as last year. There is a shadow cast over the enthusiasm that would normally fill the runners, families and spectators of the race.  Just like an eclipse, it’s a rare and special event for me.

– dm

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