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Hot Gas

It wasn’t too many years ago that a 3-day weekend meant MORE time for runs, rides or an extreme showing of fitness.

I don’t think I’ve had that feeling in several years, however. I went with John to the Sunset Music Festival in Tampa on Saturday and Sunday. That was fun, but no workouts. There were no clouds in the sky any of the three days of the weekend, we were sun baked. I didn’t overdue eating or drinking, but Monday had my stomach and energy level way off the norm.

I came to the bridge glad this was not a week to run fast with sprints. This morning had high 70s temps, humidity, and barely any wind. I was noticeably slow on all 6 of the mile repeats. I ran with Jen, Maureen, Missy and their friend Juan. He is going for his first half marathon at A1A in February. I kept burping warm air while running, making my throat and chest feel “warm.” It’s a lousy feeling, coupled with trying to run up and down the hill. I’ll eat less than usual today and look to drink considerably more water this whole week. I don’t want to feel bloated and slow like that again.



Almost turned around

7mi. I almost spun the car around as I hit a spat of rain driving down Blue Heron Blvd on the way to the bridge workout today.

I ran warmup and the first few laps with Walter, that was good to catch up and hear about his hiking trip to Yosemite. Then I did the bi-weekly bridge sprinting. All of my laps were alone except for the last one. That was shared with Matt K., who at 75% up the hill began to break away from me. For a guy that has a sub-16min 5k PB, I’ll accept that!

I had thoughts of some of the Olympic athletes in my head, at least I think I did. Gen Lecaze and David Rudisha were bouncing around in there entertaining me as I recovered on the downhill. A multiple Olympic medalist and world record holder in Rudisha and a Steeplechaser on her way up. Good fuel for the days when I didn’t have too much motivation…



8mi. I woke up at 1:40am. I stayed awake despite trying to sleep again, but no luck. At 2:40am, I figured if I was going to be awake “thinking,” then I might as well be running. So I flung back the covers and got dressed quickly to drive to the bridge.

I arrived at 2:55am with a sense of fatigue but a willingness to get this done, head home, shower and sleep again until I had to wake up. There was a west wind and temps of 66 degrees. I ran the warmup, them hit the bridge in the complete silence that 3:05am delivers. I was chilled and out of breath going up the first hill, but that changed going down. I counted out my laps, but admittedly, I was very tired. I knew I’d feel happy once done and I was right. I had a good pace and good thoughts of the A1A Marathon this weekend. I will lie low this week and prepare for that event, where temps are expected to be really favorable. Hopefully, this helps that effort.



bloodmoon7.5mi. The idea of running the hills the week before the Boston Marathon is for some, too much. I do not overtrain, so my run this morning was at an easy pace, I was never out of breath. Joe Ponton came and surprised me on my warmup lap. I planned on spending the whole workout daydreaming and visualizing what I’d be doing next week in the race. Instead, Joe ran next to me and shared what he has been doing since winter, when I last ran with him.

During the warmup, he pointed out the eclipse that was in it’s final 40% of view. He woke up at 2am to get a good view of the whole thing. I saw a big, bright moon, no red colors, and the shadow of Earth on the moon. That was neat for me, when does that ever happen?

Paul, Lilia, Lanae, Rick, Adrienne, Randi, Kylan and Nicole also ran today. Matt Kakuk showed up later, as did a few solo girls. My shoes are what I’ll race in next week, the Skechers Ultra that I used in the A1A Marathon 7 weeks ago. All good equipment-wise, now to stay healthy until the start in Hopkinton.

The closer I get to Boston, the more I think about my experience from the race last year. Today is the one year anniversary of the bombings. I feel good about the trip ahead, but not the same as last year. There is a shadow cast over the enthusiasm that would normally fill the runners, families and spectators of the race.  Just like an eclipse, it’s a rare and special event for me.

– dm

Blown into the reality of it all.

8 mi. Boston is in two weeks. I have not trained with Erica hard on weekends nor have I pressed myself on my own runs. I will keep a healthy schedule between now and the marathon, in hopes good weather and nutrition plus a boost from the fans and all give me strength. Today I ran solo the whole way, seeing Lilia, Adrienne, Kylan, Steve, Gary, Randi and a few others on the bridge. It was very breezy both directions – but hot enough that sweat was dripping in my eyes on lap #1. I never went fast but felt it was a good full Tuesday workout, my first in a long time. I’ll be back again next week to mentally focus on Boston visualization and feel for the race.

Saved the best for…NOW!

8 mi. I knew tomorrow I could wake up at 4:15 and do this run, but really, I don’t have to be up early, I could run with Bob Anderson’s group and have it all done. Better plan!

I drove there and arrived at 5:30pm for the 5:45 group. Next in the lot was Bob with Gatorade and water. Suzanne and Ian came, Diane Lavado, Krissi Neville and a few others – More people tha I expected came during their holiday break. I ran two warmup parking lot laps and hit the hill. The weather was cooler than I’m used to, low 70s and a nice breeze from the east that made easch way over the bridge a good run. I was doing a good pace on all of my laps, running very deliberately at pace even on the downhill portions. I thought about good race finishes and did some Boston visualization drills, picturing me finishing well in nice weather conditions this coming Spring. I realized it while I was running, this was a very good workout. The last four days on the cruise I did 4 miles per day on the Deck 7 loop or treadmill. Maybe my body was ready to really run!

I hung around after the workout to chat, people stayed long after and relayed stories of holiday travels and such. Suzanne said I/we should visit for New Year’s Eve tomorrow night, a good idea. I left the parking lot very satisfied with the effort and the level of run power I’m starting the year with. This was my best bridge workout in a long while!


Chatting in the breeze

triathlon-graphic-300x1498 mi. Having missed last week’s hill run in exchange for a flatland timed run, I showed up on time and found Teresa pulling in same as me. She gave me a pin to relay to Jessica, and we waited for Joe and Teresa’s other swim buddy to start warmups. They did one lap, Joe and I did two. We did a comfortable pace for all 6 miles of hills, talking about Joe’s latest and past triathlons and LifeVantage. Teresa did her 5 laps and was off to masters swim, Lilia and Adrienne ran on the sidewalk, John and Matt did a fewe speedy laps and rested. No Paul today, we had a few randow guys running solo, the bridge workout has calmed down in popularity since the summer months. I’ve got one more of these left before IM Zurich. There are no hills on my run course in Europe. I will experience points in my race where my legs are heavy, so this training will be good.

Some race here?

7.5 miles I was second to arrive this morning, Paul’s Jeep pulled in right before me. Teresa found us after the first lap of the parking lot – so I went with her to run the hill. She starts quick, knowing she wants to get to the pool for a segment of the master’s swim program. I ran with her for the first two laps, then John Reback joined us. He stayed on for the rest of my miles, our last 1/2 mi was spent running with Seth and two other guys that arrived later. I have had to stop and take a rest room break many times during these runs, like never before. Maybe it’s a Protandim side effect? I didn’t have to rush back for John, he is in NJ and Ohio this week. Lanae and I spoke a bit about Zurich and I said I’d forward a blog post I found online about the 2011 race.

Some good hill laps

7.5 mi. I showed up early enough to warmup with Teresa, then do my first lap on the hill solo. Megan came and did 5 laps with me, which was great. We did some good climbing, but the best part for me was scampering downhill keeping her pace. One lap Megan picked up the descent, saying she needed to get to the bottom to fix her hair. Hair in a bun runs well I thought, but apparently it has to be tucked and rolled in a special way for the 5am audience! (ha ha)

New hill mentality

8 mi. “You run through the pain with your head.” This statement from Megan Hartman summarizes my 6 miles of hills. She is a local runner, friend of Teresa and Angie’s that came in second overall at Saturday’s Dreher Park Dash. She ran in high school and at Clemson, with a best ever 5k in the low 18 min range. I was glad to run with her, to listen and learn and to have someone else talk to me when I was running uphill, instead of the usual me entertaining the masses. We ran a good pace for the hills. I took a quick rest room break at mile 4. She looks to come to the workouts more often, I’d welcome that. If she wants to retool herself to 18 min 5k form, I’d be welcome to that accompaniment as well!

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