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Can’t park here

6 mi. Hurricane Irma came and went – and today was a morning to sprint on the hill. Maureen arrived first and told me the park was closed. We left our cars on the east side of the bridge in the parking lot of a closed bank. We didn’t do a real warmup, just a short jog to the entrance to Phil Foster Park, our usual starting point. Franci and Gary were also out for their Tuesday morning bridge runs, Franci took the photo featured here.

There was a breeze from the west, meaning the sprinting would be happening into that. It was still very humid, so it was a welcome breeze. I didn’t have a terrific feeling about how fats I’d be going, it was hot on the 3 laps of over and back. I did well for the 6 sprints, timing at 1:22, 1:22, 1:21, 1:22, 1:22, 1:21 with the last three in daylight. The park bathrooms were closed but I was able to rinse off with the shower before getting back into the car.


Almost turned around

7mi. I almost spun the car around as I hit a spat of rain driving down Blue Heron Blvd on the way to the bridge workout today.

I ran warmup and the first few laps with Walter, that was good to catch up and hear about his hiking trip to Yosemite. Then I did the bi-weekly bridge sprinting. All of my laps were alone except for the last one. That was shared with Matt K., who at 75% up the hill began to break away from me. For a guy that has a sub-16min 5k PB, I’ll accept that!

I had thoughts of some of the Olympic athletes in my head, at least I think I did. Gen Lecaze and David Rudisha were bouncing around in there entertaining me as I recovered on the downhill. A multiple Olympic medalist and world record holder in Rudisha and a Steeplechaser on her way up. Good fuel for the days when I didn’t have too much motivation…


First timer

7mi. I arrived alone, and my first two over the bridge laps were solo. Lanae came and ran with me for the thrid lap, then I did the 6 sprints that I cheesed-out on doing last week.

It was my first time trying to land “underfoot” on a hill since having my runner’s eval. I might have done a little better, concentrating on taking shorter steps and being pulled forward from the hips is what I’m after. At least in my head.

I ran the last three sprints, with Keith, he was way ahead of me on his first dash, I was closer on the next two. Felt good, I was happy to have it done before the familiar “dawn’s early light.”

The first? That would be the shower experience. I waited for about 5 minutes as a homeless man completely showered, shaved, brushed his teeth, and went through too many steps to clean himself with a small washcloth or sock. I am fortunate I’m not in that situation, it was a time to think and be thankful for what I do have.

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