Almost turned around

7mi. I almost spun the car around as I hit a spat of rain driving down Blue Heron Blvd on the way to the bridge workout today.

I ran warmup and the first few laps with Walter, that was good to catch up and hear about his hiking trip to Yosemite. Then I did the bi-weekly bridge sprinting. All of my laps were alone except for the last one. That was shared with Matt K., who at 75% up the hill began to break away from me. For a guy that has a sub-16min 5k PB, I’ll accept that!

I had thoughts of some of the Olympic athletes in my head, at least I think I did. Gen Lecaze and David Rudisha were bouncing around in there entertaining me as I recovered on the downhill. A multiple Olympic medalist and world record holder in Rudisha and a Steeplechaser on her way up. Good fuel for the days when I didn’t have too much motivation…


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