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Point of reference

5mi. All the social posts from good and great runners that have track intervals in their weekly schedule include times. I haven’t done much to stay on top of how much time each interval takes, showing up and chasing the group is good for me. Or was.

Now with an awareness of what’s fast, I see that these folks are training primarily for track events. I watch some post that their 300m are done in 45 secs, mine weigh in at 1:02 today, and we did two, so I know it’s accurate. My six tries at 500m were between 1:43-1:45. I kept those descending as the 500s popped up in the set. Some only had 100m recovery, I do prefer the full 200m to catch up on the breathing. I ran behind Steve until he left, chased Janet on the first one and had her right with me until she had to leave.

1 mi warmup jog

600m w/200m recovery
500m w/100m recovery
500m w/200m recovery
300m w/100m recovery
500m w/100m recovery
500m w/200m recovery
300m w/100m recovery
500m w/100m recovery
500m w/200m recovery

1mi cool down jog

A lone thunderstorm was working its way across the state with a planned arrival at 6am. It never got far enough north to affect us, it rained at my house instead.


Almost turned around

7mi. I almost spun the car around as I hit a spat of rain driving down Blue Heron Blvd on the way to the bridge workout today.

I ran warmup and the first few laps with Walter, that was good to catch up and hear about his hiking trip to Yosemite. Then I did the bi-weekly bridge sprinting. All of my laps were alone except for the last one. That was shared with Matt K., who at 75% up the hill began to break away from me. For a guy that has a sub-16min 5k PB, I’ll accept that!

I had thoughts of some of the Olympic athletes in my head, at least I think I did. Gen Lecaze and David Rudisha were bouncing around in there entertaining me as I recovered on the downhill. A multiple Olympic medalist and world record holder in Rudisha and a Steeplechaser on her way up. Good fuel for the days when I didn’t have too much motivation…


Racing lightning

7mi. No cooldown for me, I spent some slower laps on the hill today. This happened as the threat and sprinkles of a big storm came fromt he southeast. One lap was sprinkles but I could see it wasn’t going to last, the clouds weren’t dark like they were over the water. I did both warmup parking lot laps with Mimi as we discussed her race in November, the Patriot Triathlon in Stuart or Hutchinson Island.  I ran with John for one lap before Seth and he scrambled at a better pace up and away from me. The remaining laps were solo, Suzanne came and ran half of one with me. It was still and humid running west, with a good breeze and relief running east. On lap #5 cooler breezes came and seemed to swirl around the top of the bridge, that felt way better. I could guess and say the storm was passing on the south side of me, judging from what I saw fromt he top of the bridge.

As I left, radar showed that the whole county except for northernmost Jupiter was ready to be slammed by a day of rain. I barely got this one in, but I need the hill up and downs for Pine Mountain!

The speed doesn’t beat the heat.

8.5 mi. I left the house at 4pm, in the dead heat of the day with clouds threatening from all sides. I ddn’t have a fair amount of time to do a long slow run, so I opted to run around the neighborhood up Northlake Blvd to Military Trail, north to PGA and home through PGA National Park. All at a quick pace. The first 3 miles were at 7 min pace. I stopped to drink my handbottle with EFS and water. Then I ran more, miles 4, 5 before another stop and walk to drink again. At Spoto’s Oyster Bar someone yelled,”Run, run, run” at me, but I didn’t see who that was. Later at Waterway Cafe, I found out Tonya (who was celebrating her 40th birthday) was the one that saw me. I ran over the PGA turnpike hill, turned into PGA National, and picked the quickest route home. It was very hot, my stop and drink breaks were coming more frequently and no surprise, my pace slowed. I finished by exiting the park and running a loop around my neighborhood’s lake. Finishing with 8.6 miles or actual running accordingto the Garmin watch, my pace was 7:17. So yes I did slow significantly in the heat of the afternoon. I enjoy the tempo runs, I have to include more of these during the week, or continue to run at the same times and paces…

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