Racing lightning

7mi. No cooldown for me, I spent some slower laps on the hill today. This happened as the threat and sprinkles of a big storm came fromt he southeast. One lap was sprinkles but I could see it wasn’t going to last, the clouds weren’t dark like they were over the water. I did both warmup parking lot laps with Mimi as we discussed her race in November, the Patriot Triathlon in Stuart or Hutchinson Island.  I ran with John for one lap before Seth and he scrambled at a better pace up and away from me. The remaining laps were solo, Suzanne came and ran half of one with me. It was still and humid running west, with a good breeze and relief running east. On lap #5 cooler breezes came and seemed to swirl around the top of the bridge, that felt way better. I could guess and say the storm was passing on the south side of me, judging from what I saw fromt he top of the bridge.

As I left, radar showed that the whole county except for northernmost Jupiter was ready to be slammed by a day of rain. I barely got this one in, but I need the hill up and downs for Pine Mountain!

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