Like a dog running through tall grass

4 mi. Track workout! Favorable conditions of 76 deg temps brought a bunch of people out I haven't seen in awhile. Adrienne and Lynn Mullins, they were at the bridge and now this, too. I arrived early, my thoughts lately have been why am I showing up, but I know it's good to stay engaged … Continue reading Like a dog running through tall grass

Plenty of runners!

7 mi. I wasn't first, but the minivan parked next to me wasn't one I knew. I found Joe pulling in as I got ready to start the warmup - good thing! He always has stories and is good to laop the bridge with early. Lilia, Adrienne, Gary, John and Matt, Sharon Seabury, people kept … Continue reading Plenty of runners!

Start it up again

21 mi. Long runs in the middle of August make me question whether I have wisely chosen my races for the year. When you train for Boston, it's in the cooler months. This training for North Face Endurance Challenge has me out in the longest mileage weeks for the warmest two months of the year. … Continue reading Start it up again