TNF Endurance Challenge Georgia – 2013

50 mi. "Take a few breaths and keep going." Maybe let your exhales be heard, I thought, even though no one else was around. I found myself doing this throughout my time on the trails at this year's North Face Gore Tex 50 mile race. Same venue, FDR State Park in Pine Mountain Georgia, slightly modified … Continue reading TNF Endurance Challenge Georgia – 2013

Koach Kara

6 mi. This week I had to scoot to john's cross country meet early, like arrive in Boca Raton at 7:30 - 8:00 to take pics for the team. John was taking the ACT exam, so I crafted a plan to run in downtown WPB then head south to the CC meet. I would get … Continue reading Koach Kara

Plenty of time on my toes.

32mi.  I wasn't looking forward to this one. Saturday run was taken from me as I went to John's CC meet instead, He did very well, his times keep dropping as I told him they would.  Maybe I'll train for 5k proficiency, but I don't have it scheduled for anytime soon! It's long run time … Continue reading Plenty of time on my toes.