Ft Lauderdale A1A Marathon 2017

Year #12 for this race was back to the warm weather we have had in South Florida for many Palm Beach and A1A marathons. Temperatures at the start were 70 degrees, with a daily high of 87 degrees predicted. I was ready, I had a good formula from last year for preparation for nutrition and race … Continue reading Ft Lauderdale A1A Marathon 2017


12 repeats of 400m with Erica in the Mallory Creek area. She has others that do these workouts with her, but their time to taper for the Miami 70.3 race is now. I arrived at her parking lot at 5:25, we did a warmup jog to the run area and met Alicia and Harold, they … Continue reading Quarters

Run 4 the Pies

4mi. 1800+ registered runners of ALL ages. 900 pies for finishers. Medals to all participants. Long ahead in the future, people will look back and ask how an event this cool was so much to so many people. It is a great race! John and I arrived just before 6:30am, in time for a good … Continue reading Run 4 the Pies

Back to a normal sense of, no wait…

10 mi. I had a 20 miler or at least 16 planned, in my head. A company dinner Friday night at ER Bradleys was well done, I had eaten well, too. Smokey chicken and pasta for lunch, more penne a la vodka for dinner. The night included some drinks with dinner, some shots with franchisees … Continue reading Back to a normal sense of, no wait…

Third century production

100 mi ride/3 mi run  A 6:00am meetup means we started pedaling around 6:15. This is my thrid 100 mile ride of the year. We had a group of Barry and Lisa Reiss, Sal and Suzanne, Erica, Erin and Izzy. We rode in shifting winds up the wet road to the lighthouse bridge. Barry and … Continue reading Third century production