9 guys

5mi. After this long, I know who's who at the track. I am usually 4th in the lineup as we do our intervals. Not today. How about tenth! Nine guys show up that all can put 100m into my pace in a mere 800m. Yes, it was warm and sticky out. Yes, I enjoy chasing … Continue reading 9 guys

Taxing my breath

5 mi. I drove to Erica's this morning to do a workout of three consecutive timed miles with her. My car goofed up driving there, with the transmission not slipping out of 3rd gear, I was left going 30mph at 3000rpms all the way down Military Trail. We ran to the Mallory Creek area as … Continue reading Taxing my breath

Really, the last run of the year.

16 mi./11 mi. I did an early 10 miles from TRS store to PGA & back, then a 10.5 mile store to inlet run. Suzanne and Adrienne were looking to complete 7 one mile repeats. I wasn't seriously considering that until Walter said he was interested in doing that. We started north of Marcinski Rd and … Continue reading Really, the last run of the year.