Really, the last run of the year.

16 mi./11 mi. I did an early 10 miles from TRS store to PGA & back, then a 10.5 mile store to inlet run. Suzanne and Adrienne were looking to complete 7 one mile repeats. I wasn’t seriously considering that until Walter said he was interested in doing that. We started north of Marcinski Rd and did a few one mile runs at 7:40 like pace. We got to drink at the water stops, and the final 5, 6, and 7 mile intervals were my best. Once back at the store, I had a coolatta drink with Suzanne and went home. I arranged to camp with John and Suzanne on Peanut Island to watch the 24 hour race. This worked out very well, we took a shuttle boat over from Riviera Beach marina, took a campsite that was paid for but unused. We brought food and a large tent for Suzanne’s first camping excursion. I came to watch and cheer for Angie Figeroa in her first ultra race. She completed 51 miles, I ran the final 11 miles with her in the mostly dark conditions. John ran 5 miles around the island with us, too, a furthest ever effort for him, too. We saw WPB fireworks, enjoyed great cool weather and had a good time welcoming in 2012. So a 27 mile day, split into two segments, finished out 2011 and began 2012.

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