ECS Atlanta – Year 2

50.6 mi. It's a big difference coming back to the site of a race you're already familiar with. I had no pre-race jitters or anxiety. I was very confident I could give a sustained effort and really be in my own head for 10+ hours. This is what I kept explaining to my four friends … Continue reading ECS Atlanta – Year 2

Really, the last run of the year.

16 mi./11 mi. I did an early 10 miles from TRS store to PGA & back, then a 10.5 mile store to inlet run. Suzanne and Adrienne were looking to complete 7 one mile repeats. I wasn't seriously considering that until Walter said he was interested in doing that. We started north of Marcinski Rd and … Continue reading Really, the last run of the year.

Breezy and early start

8mi. I didn't plan on seeing too many people at the bridge today, but when I sent txt messages to Walter, Chelsea and Angie, they all said it was on their Tuesday plan. Chelsea and Angie had to run earlier than 5 (???) because of their holiday extended hours at the store and re-merchandising that … Continue reading Breezy and early start